Termite Control and Prevention

We are licensed and certified to inspect and treat for Termites and other Wood Destroying Organisms.

The most devastating wood destroying organism in our area is the Subterranean Termite. They live in colonies and feed primarily on the soft springwood which most homes contain. They can travel underneath your home and feed on wood from the inside out for years until the noticeable damage appears.

For Residential Properties less than 10 years old we focus on prevention. We only use the best product on the market for Termite Control and Prevention and that is Termidor. Studies have shown that the active ingredient is persistent in the soil as long as ten years.

Our Initial Liquid barrier application would require digging a small trench around the perimeter of your home. We then apply the chemical into the trench, backfill, and then treat the soil that was removed.

We believe the cost of subterranean termite prevention is minimal when you weigh against the possible costs of home repairs if your home is not treated.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about our Termite Prevention Program.